Services Available at the Brain Change Center

Brain Training

It’s all about the NeurOptimal┬« brain training system at the Brain Change Center, so if you would like to optimize your brain functioning all you need to do is set up a session. You have several options when it comes to this … buy one at a time or a package of several sessions at a time. The advantage to buying several sessions is that you can get a discount of up to 10 percent.

Here’s what we offer:

One-hour initial session. You will fill out paperwork and enjoy your first 33-minute session. $125 — Now through March 20% off first session – cost $100.
Each 33-minute session $100.
(Allow at least 45 minutes for the entire appointment.
It will take a few minutes to hook you up to the system, and then to unhook you.)

Package of 6 sessions at $95 each (a 5% discount). $570.
Package of 10 sessions at $90 each (a 10% discount). $900.`

To schedule your appointment now you can
CALL: 501-503-9948
SCHEDULE ONLINE: To see our calendar and set up up your appointment click here.

Our location is on the first floor of the Park West Building, 415 N. McKinley, Suite 190-B. (Across the street from Catholic High School). To find our office, enter the parking lot that is on McKinley (not Father Tribou). Park as close to the entrance of the parking garage as possible, and enter the building from the closest door, on the west side of the building. Once inside, you will see a bright abstract painting in front of you. Before you reach the painting, look to your left. You’ll see suite 190, executive suites. Go inside and find suite 190-B. Come right on in and get ready to change your life!