Reserve your NeurOptimal 3.0 system today and change your life from the comfort of your own home!

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Monthly Rental of one NeurOptimal Brain Training Unit – $750
This is the most cost-effective way to train yourself and your family. Unlimited sessions in a month, we will deliver your unit to you and set up in the Little Rock area, or you can pick it up at our office, or we will ship everything you’ll need to your home or office in the USA via FedEx.

Shipping for your NeurOptimal Rental Unit – $60
We will ship you your unit, and provide you with a pre-paid shipping label to send it back to us — it’s so easy!

Important Rental Information

NeurOptimal Personal Trainer Renter’s Contract

Personal Assistant Renter’s Information

Video Tutorials for NeurOptimal 3.0 Renters

Hooking Yourself Up to NeurOptimal

General Tour of NeurOptimal 3.0