Services Available at the Brain Change Center

Brain Training

It’s all about the NeurOptimal® brain training system at the Brain Change Center, so if you would like to optimize your brain functioning all you need to do is decide to rent a NeurOptimal unit and train you, your family, and all your friends, or, just you – whatever you’d like – and get the rental process started.

We have competitive prices so that people unfamiliar with the powerful technology can benefit from it, and then spread the word to their friends and family!

Why are we offering this amazing brain-training deal for renting NeurOptimal® units? We know how much these trainings can help families – please see for yourselves! This is perfect for couples, parent/child, siblings.

Train for one month! Train yourself and your family by renting a unit for a month!

Cost: $950 for unlimited training sessions for one month.*

This is one of the most popular ways throughout the world to achieve the optimal brain-training for the lowest cost. Rent a unit through us for one month, and we can deliver it to you in the Little Rock area and help you set up for your first session, or you can come pick one up in our office, or we will ship you a unit FedEx with everything you’ll need for approximately $60 round-trip, depending on where you live. Note: Rest assured that is very easy to hook yourself and your family and friends to the NeurOptimal brain-training unit! We will send you a link to a video tutorial and you will be up and running in no time, plus you can call us or our NeurOptimal rep for support.

To rent a unit fill out our contract on our rentals page, and don’t forget to send us a copy of your driver’s license via text at 501-503-9948.

For more information call:

CALL: 501-503-9948

EMAIL: [email protected]

*Please no more than two sessions per day, per person. 

Our location is in the Park West Building, 415 N. McKinley, Suite 540 (Across the street from Catholic High School).