Amanda from Bryant, Arkansas rented a unit from the Brain Change Center and had this to say after a month of NeurOptimal:

“Hi this is Amanda B. I used the NeurOptimal machine from Dec 2018 to Feb 2019 and am offering this review as my assessment based on my experience.”

I have a traumatic background which includes repeated childhood sexual abuse from ages 9 to 15. I also experienced emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect as a child being raised in an alcoholic home. As I reached adulthood, it was obvious that I adopted survival mechanisms as a child that allowed me to survive those difficult times, but they became maladaptive as I tried to navigate my adult life. Mostly, the confusion and lack of clear thinking was scary and caused anxiety and depression. I started trauma recovery to get help with the anxiety, depression and confusion in my life.

After four years of talk therapy, EMDR, and EFT, some things had improved, but I still had mental confusion and despair that I could not get past. I decided to try the NeurOptimal system to complement those other modalities. And what NeurOptimal gave me was a miracle. The confusion and despair is gone and I am able to function on a much higher level with less emotional problems. The best way to explain it is that I can now look at situations and think rationally about them with more organized thoughts instead of gloom and doom or catastrophic type thinking. The biggest gift that this clearer more organized thinking has given me is that I stopped being so negative about others which allowed me to get out in community.

Before using the NeurOptimal system, I thought people were mean and untrustworthy and I looked at life through the lens of my past trauma. I would shy away from people often and if I were to ever brave a group function, I would be extremely uncomfortable only sitting in the background silent where no one could get to know me and I could get to know no one. After NeurOptimal my thinking became more organized and clear, I am now excited to go to group functions and I am able to engage with people; to talk and connect.

This connection with others has made a huge difference in my well being and has brought more meaning to a recovery term I had often heard, “recovery happens in groups” or “healing happens in relationship”. In the past, my thinking stopped me from being in relationship, which slowed my recovery. But, NeurOptimal changed the way I think; it’s a miracle!! My time with NeurOptimal has resulted in giving me a life again. Even though my thinking is clear and the depression and anxiety have lifted, I still have a need to continue to talk about and process the traumatic memories that resulted from a childhood of disfunction. So, as I continue my trauma recovery work in traditional talk therapy, EMDR, and EFT, I will remember NeurOptimal as the tool that made true recovery possible. A tool that gave me my life back.

~Amanda B. from Bryant

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